The red thread of variety

LADBERGEN If you are looking for the right training, you are also looking for the famous red thread. The guideline that combines preferences and strengths. One who found the red thread is Krystian Gajaszek from Laggenbeck. At the familyrun company NOSTA in Ladbergen, he completed an apprenticeship as a merchant for forwarding and logistics services, as one of the company´s 70 trainees througout Germany.

What was the crucial point for him that spoke for this very profession? I just saw myself in the forwarding company", says Gajaszek. Acquaintances from the open-air stage in Tecklenburg finally gave him the tip to apply to NOSTA. They take care of the trainees there, the contact with each other is almost familiar, it was said at the time. Now the first year of apprenticeship is almost over, Krystian Gajaszek can confirm this impression, "I like going to work", he says. So far, there hasn´t been a day when I didn´t feel like getting up in the morning." By the way, Krystian Gajaszek is mainly involved in the open-air stage in summer. "Behind the scenes as well as on stage", he emphrasizes. In addition to his hobby as an actor, Gajaszek is an enthusiastic footballer. Until recently, he was still kicking with sports enthusiasts Lotte. "But now I´m going back home", he says, as his new club is Cheruskia Laggenbeck. If there is still time left in addition to the open-air stage and the football pinch, he helps out in their little kiosk.

"Diverse" - that seems to be the keyword that best suits Krystian Gajaszek and his training at NOSTA. In the first year of his apprenticeship, he was already able to prove himfels in four departments. First he went to Ibbenbüren, whre he already got to know the disposition. The next station was the warehouse in Borghorst, followed by the bookkeeping in Osnabrück. Currently, Gajaszek is used at the main site of NOSTA. In short: change of location in twelve-week intervals, also Corona in spite.

But no matter where Krystian Gajaszek is employed at NOSTA, he brings an advantage to his everyday work: "My family comes from Poland, my second mother tongue is Polish", he explains. "Especially in contact with customers from the neighboring county, my language skills help me enormously. "He also takes a course in Business English to earn the Cambridge Certificate. The course takes place internally because NOSTA as a company with international contacts attaches importance to good English skills of its employees.

Especially in the varied everyday life it is important for Krystian Gajaszek to always be up to date. He is particularly interested in the latest developments in the district. "But I´m not that much of a TV eye-catcher", he remarks. For this reason, he was able to participate in the project "Forming the Future." In addition to the news from the region, the football fan particularly likes to read the sports section of the daily newspaper.

Source: Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung (NOZ), text: Sebastian Fobbe

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