School-leaving certificate in your pocket - but what should you do next?

The transition from school to work can be challenging. We want to help: Though our wide range of training opportunities, you will find exactly the profession to combine your talent and passion.



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Good reasons to start an apprenticeship with us!

  • Apprenticeship worldwide - Get to know foreign cities and faraway countries through temporary work in our (inter)national branches.
  • Project work - Our goal is to express trust right from the start and to transfer responsibility in a wide variety of projects.
  • Ice-breaker-days - At the start of the apprenticeship, exciting ice-breaker-days take place with other new starters and future colleagues.
  • Financial support - Whether or not the costs for learning materials ort travel allowances are covered, NOSTA makes it possible!
  • Trainee events - We promote the team spirit through various events.
  • Training - Our trainees can choose from a variety of interesting training opportunities at our NOSTA Academy.

Convinced? Then you´re ready to go!

We offer these apprenticeships:

Organisational talent wanted: Clerk (m/f/d) for freight forwarding and logistics services

Savvy without a satnav? Cool and relaxed in stressful situations? We offer varietyinstead of uniformity in our training programme for forwarding agents at the NOSTA Group!

Career opportunities in the warehouse: Warehouse logistics specialist (m/f/d)

For movers and shakers who are not afraid of heights: With us you´ll be flying high as a warehouse logistics specialist.

(Co-)designer: Media designer for digital and print media (m/f/d)

Creativity vs. 08/15! If ingenuity, open-mindedness and perseverance are talents, the definition is: media designer.

Something wacky: Professional driver (m/f/d)

Wanted: Adventurers and packers with diesel in their blood. Moving a big difference as a professional driver at the NOSTA Group!

Lecture hall meets logistics hall: Dual studies (m/f/d) Business Administration

Lecture vs. Loading - Sit in the lecture hall and listen to the professor, immerse yourself in practical work the next day and apply what you have learned.

We quench the thirst for knowledge and practical hunger of dual students in logistics.

The art of high stacking: Warehouse clerk (m/f/d)

Sorting receipts all day long and sharpening pencils is too boring? As as a specialist warehouse operator apprentice in our logistics centre you are involved right from the start. The best reward: Full shelves and satisfied customers. 

IT-Girls & System checker: IT Specialist (m/f/d) for system integration

For technical experts, problem solvers and analysts: Get off to a flying start as an IT specialist for system integration at the NOSTA Group!

Still have unanswered questions?

We will gladly devote time to you and help you!

By the way, in 2018 we were recognised as an IHK TOP training company!

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