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Project responsibility

Take part in a wide variety of projects and assume responsibility at an early stage.

Flexible working hours

Choose your working days yourself!

With us you can combine theory with practice!

We offer you the opportunity in almost all areas of the company to contribute your theoretical knowledge from university to our company and to gain your first practical experience.

Become a part of the NOSTA family at an early age and maybe lay the foundation for a future career with us.

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Natascha Nieber

Please introduce yourself!

My name is Natascha Nieber, I am 20 years old and am currently in the 5th semester studying Business Administration and Management at Osnabrück University with specialisation in Human Resources. Since September 2019 I have been working as a working student in the People & Culture department of the NOSTA Group.

How did you hear about the NOSTA Group?

During a block week at the university, we visited various companies in Osnabrück, including the NOSTA KV terminal. During this tour a working student activity at NOSTA in the field of human resources was presented. I then successfully applied for this position a week later.

Can you tell us something about your area of responsibility in human resources?

Firstly, I am allowed to work on some projects and thus already take on responsibility. My other tasks include handling the application mailbox and conducting research for department employees. Besides, I can also get a taste of other departments if I want to.

To what extent do you have the opportunity to apply your knowledge from your studies at work?

The knowledge I have learnt from my human resources specialisation and the basic module "Personnel and Labour Law" can be used from time to time during my work in the HR department. However, since the studies are very theoretical, it is difficult to apply the knowledge gained as a working student at the university.

What is your plan for the post-study period?

First of all, I want to pass my bachelor´s degree. After this, my goal is to work permanently at NOSTA in HR department. Maybe I´d like to pursue an extra-occupational master´s degree, but that´s still ito be decided. An internship abroad would also be an option for me.

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